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“I am often presented with innovations. Few have had as much of an impact on me.
The ability to see what you are doing is an essential requirement regarding the first safety steps.

The ability to maintain clear vision in harsh conditions seems like it should have been a consideration at the outset of eye protection; this achieves that” 

Jon Christie Sector Safety Lead BAM Nuttall,
BSI Machinery Safety Expert


At the heart of our journey is a relentless pursuit of innovation, transcending traditional protective solutions. SmartFilm®, our flagship product, embodies this spirit. More than just a film, it's a six-layered paradigm shift, rigorously tested as the world's first wire-wool-tested off-road lens protection, specifically designed initially for extreme sport. 

What sets us apart is our versatility.  We redefined durability, scratch resistance and safety, but that's only the beginning. The hydrophobic element gives clarity even in the harshest weather conditions.


Neither SmartFilm® nor ImpactLens® gets scratched or has abrasions from everyday use – rain and sprays roll away, even when roosted with wet sand, mud, and grit, your primary vision is left unobstructed.  Just wipe it, and it's gone! 


Simply put it is a standalone crossover product that we like to call;  A game-changer!

Safety is an unwavering commitment, the force that continues to propel GTL® forward.
® and ImpactLens® aren't limited to extreme sports; they transcend industries. Explore their capabilities in extreme sports, heavy industry, construction, and military-grade applications in our slides.


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SmartFilm® | ImpactLens®

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GOGGLETECHNOLOGY LTD, (GTL) created the world first wire-wool tested lens protection. We are a design and innovation lab that specializes in creating innovative products for a range of applications, from extreme sports to heavy industry and military-grade applications. Our purpose is to provide the safest and most durable vision protection currently available.

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What will GTL® products give you? 

CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY:   Vision Safety and Cost Savings Unleashed 

SmartFilm® is a game-changer for the construction industry, offering unmatched vision safety and substantial cost savings. 

Safety goggles and glasses equipped with SmartFilm® provide unparalleled clarity, ensuring that workers can see clearly in demanding conditions.

Moreover, SmartFilm® protects hardware lenses, surveying tools, and plant machinery screens, preventing wastage and reducing costs. 

By preserving screens and lenses, SmartFilm® not only boosts productivity but also minimizes environmental impact, making it a win-win solution for the construction sector.

MILITARY APPLICATIONS:   Superior Vision Protection, Significant Savings

In the military, where precision and safety are paramount, SmartFilm® shines. Whether it's tank goggles, ballistic goggles, military vehicle windshields, or field instrumentation, SmartFilm® ensures a real-time cost saving for the MOD.

® products can save the MOD a fortune while enhancing safety equipment and personnel safety. With SmartFilm® on the front lines, you will cut costs and bolster operational effectiveness.  As a registered supplier for the MOD, we are committed to providing top-tier solutions and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to supply our armed forces. 

EXTREME SPORTS:   Global Exclusivity for Unmatched Vision

Armor Vision has global distribution and marketing rights to SmartFilm® and ImpactLens® for all off-road and extreme sports.
SmartFilm® has revolutionised the off-road vision arena, offering unmatched clarity and durability. It's a sustainable solution that curbs the environmental impact of plastic tear-offs and damaged lenses in extreme sports.

By preserving the primary vision and reducing waste, SmartFilm
® sets new standards for extreme sports safety and sustainability as old ways die out.

HEAVY INDUSTRY:   Clear Vision for Enhanced Productivity

In heavy industry, where clarity and productivity are critical, SmartFilm® excels.
From high-rise crane screens to heavy plant screens and windows, SmartFilm® keeps vision clear and unobstructed. The result? Significant cost savings through reduced replacements and enhanced safety and productivity.

® thrives in extreme temperatures and its resistance to abrasions means water beads up and rolls away, ensuring safer, clear vision even in the worst of adverse weather conditions.

RALLY RAID VEHICLES:   Clear Vision Amidst Sand Storms

For Rally Raid Racing in harsh environments like Dakar, SmartFilm® is an ally. preserving and maintaining clear vision in projectile-filled sandstorms SmartFilm® will protect against and save on timely repairs and replacements.

Every second counts and this alone is why SmartFilm® will be the perfect partner.

Its exceptional adhesive formulation withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to +140°C, making it a reliable choice for rally raid challenges.

SmartFilm® SUMMARY

The ability to repel water and resist abrasions, regardless of temperature, a common thread across these industries, ensures consistent performance, durability and safety.
It's not just a protective film; it's a vision safeguard, a cost-saving measure, and a sustainable solution all rolled into one - there is no doubt SmartFilm® redefines what it means to be an all-encompassing product partner.

SmartFilm® from
GTL® is the answer for industries seeking enhanced safety, productivity, and environmental responsibility.


What is HISC™ and why is it important 

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HISC   Elevating Vision Protection to the Next Level

At GTL®, we believe that your safety and clarity of vision should never be compromised.

That's why we introduced HISC - High Impact Surface Coating. More than just a name, HISC is the emblem of trust, a brand mark that instils instant confidence in your purchase.

HISC represents the future of safety vision protection, seamlessly integrated into every product we offer. It assures that your vision remains crystal clear, even in the harshest conditions. With HISC, abrasions and scratches are a thing of the past, rain, wet and water will bead up and roll away, leaving your vision unobstructed.

In industries ranging from construction and heavy machinery to extreme sports and military applications, HISC is the symbol of excellence, reliability, and innovation. It's your guarantee of superior performance, durability, and peace of mind.

Choose HISC by GTL®, and experience a new standard in vision protection - where safety meets vision, confidence meets your pocket and peace of mind.



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