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Join Us in Pioneering Eco-Off-Road Sports with BioFILM® Tear-Offs

At GTL, we believe that offering a biodegradable option like BioFILM® Tear-Offs should be a no-brainer for any supplier in the motorsport industry. Beyond just being an eco-conscious choice, it's a step towards a more sustainable and responsible future for the sport.

Why BioFILM® Tear-Offs?

The world is changing, and the motorsport industry is evolving with it. Most countries are now saying "No" to plastic tear-off films due to their environmental impact. That's where BioFILM® comes in.

The Power of Green Tabs:

As a testament to our commitment, GTL proudly holds design patents for our distinctive green tab designs. These tabs are not just markers; they're symbols of our collective commitment to preserve the environment without changing anything. Much like the EV green identification markers, our green tabs proudly signal that you're part of a movement driving positive change in the industry.

BioTOFF design 4.jpg
BioTOFF design 3.jpg
BioTOFF design 1.jpg
BioTOFF design 2.jpg
smaf pic 7.png


Eco-Friendly and Optically Clear:

BioFILM® Tear-Offs are biodegradable and optically clear, ensuring that your vision stays sharp and focused during those thrilling rides. Our commitment to environmental responsibility and superior performance is what sets us apart.

Partner with GTL:

By partnering with GTL, you're not just adding innovative products to your lineup but becoming a pioneer of eco-friendly motorsport solutions. Together, we can introduce BioFILM® Tear-Offs to a broader audience and contribute to a cleaner, greener future for the sport.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Choose BioFILM® Tear-Offs and be part of the revolution in eco-friendly motorsport. Join us in shaping the future today.

If you would like to discuss this please get in touch with us:

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